To end racism celebrate unity with craft beer, cannabis, and classic hip hop culture.

Craft Beer

We invented the Hip Hop Beer Fest in 2012. It served as a catalyst for the entire Craft Beer industry to focus on Diversity.


We support the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis for mental health, emotional and physical wellness.


We are the intersection of the Craft Beer, Cannabis and Hip Hop communities both locally and around the globe.

What is a
Hip Hop Beer Fest?

When you walk into an event and suddenly its’s homecoming, your birthday, and everybody knows your name. The vibes are endless. The love is real. And your Instagram is POPPIN.

The 1st
and only

HGHH is a one of a kind experience. The first and only hip hop craft beer festival brand on earth. Born in the great city of Atlanta. I spoke on our Diversity efforts at the 2017 Brewers Conference.

Craft canna culture

Join our email list to connect with Craft Beer, Cannabis, and Classic Hip Hop Culture aficionados. This is a group pic from our Private Bottle Share with Atlanta Beer Boutique and the Black Atlanta Craft Beer Community.

Never scammin’. Never old. Never spammin’. Never sold.

Words from friends

“This is a game changer. When its all said and done, there will be two eras: before High Gravity Hip Hop and AFTER High Gravity Hip Hop.”

– D.R.E.S. tha BEATnik
[Legendary Hip Hop Host]

“I’m really enjoying this event. It’s SPECTACULAR!”

– Rashan Ali [TV Host, Author, Philanthropist]

“High Gravity Hip Hop provides a unique experience for Atlanta party goers. I’m excited to see how this brand grows and expands, the possibilities are endless.”

– Mike DiLonardo [Director, Atlanta Beer Festivals]

Our Logo is sexy af

But before it looked like this…

It looked like that: (Yikes!)

Our logo is very special and we love it so much that we take particular care in the selection of the clothing and products we place it on. In our store you will find unique items that allow you to support our brand and represent your ideals. 

Supreme Clientele

Originality is the essence of hip hop. Our clients are the trend-spotting, early adopters, seeking quality times with quality people. 

Originals Only, please.

The 40+ Over League Mixtape

For true MCs over 40 years old who still got that fire. 

MC Academy of Hip Hop

In 2019, I was asked to create the Morehouse College Academy of Hip Hop. The mission is to preserve and cultivate Hip Hop Culture. We are in the process of raising funds to execute this program.

The Brewery

High Gravity Gardens is a collaboration project with Khonso Brewing, Down Home Brewing, and the Atlanta Beer Boutique. We are working diligently behind the scenes to bring this project to fruition in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Strain

Imagine a euphoric body blast with a happy productivity inducing calmness washing over your brain for hours on end. A Sativa dominant hybrid with great flavor. Coming Soon.

Explore Our World

Join our email list to connect with Craft Beer, Cannabis, and Classic Hip Hop Culture aficionados. This is an image of Cutia. She bought the very first ticket we ever sold. Then she joined the team helping out in various capacities.  Here she is tending bar at an event.

Never scammin’. Never old. Never spammin’. Never sold.

The Secret Sauce

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