What is a Hip Hop Beer Fest?

When you walk into an event and suddenly it’s homecoming, your birthday, and everybody knows your name. The drinks are endless. The love is real. And your instagram is popping.

Supreme Clientele

Originality is the essence of Hip Hop. Our guests are the trend-spotting, early adopters, seeking quality times with quality people. Originals only, please.

1st & Only

HGHH is a one of a kind experience. The only hip hop beer festival in the world. Born in the great city of ATL.


We serve as the intersection of Craft Beer and Hip Hop cultures. Everything you need to Master You Craft.

Welcome to the fold

Discounts & Dope Content



I’m really enjoying the event, it’s SPECTACULAR!

Rashaan Ali, TV - Radio Host - Author - Philanthropist

This is a game changer. When it’s all said and done, there will be two eras: before High Gravity Hip Hop and after High Gravity Hip Hop.

D.R.E.S. tha BEATnik, M.C. / Host of HGHH

High Gravity Hip Hop provides a unique event experience for Atlanta party goers. I’m excited to see how this brand grows and expands; the possibilities are endless.

Mike DiLonardo, Director of Operations, Atlanta Beer Festivals



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